What Is A Roofer

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What Is A Roofer


Roofing is an exciting career. Becoming a roofer takes both knowledge and skill, and requires a good deal of patience.

There are many different types of roof, each with its own set of unique features and characteristics that set it apart from all the others. The type you have on your home or business can depend on sever factors, two of which are your geographic area and building type.

Since different geographic locations are prone to different weather conditions, different types of roofing materials may be recommended because they are better able to withstand those specific conditions. When re-roofing a building, it is important to pay attention to the architecture, as it is probably designed for certain types of roofs, and changing the roof type can sometimes mean drastic alterations to the structure.

Several types of roofs on a particular building, there are times when certain types are recommended. A roofing contractor can advise you as to what type you need. This is one reason their job is so important.


Different types of training are available for the different techniques that are necessary to lay each style of roof. Most companies offer this training, and some even provide on-the-job-training where someone taking courses can go to a job and learn first-hand how it is done. This provides the practical experience that is often very helpful, and sometimes very essential to physically learning a job. Below are describes some of the job duties involved in this occupation, and outlines the responsibilities of each.

The main objective to as a roofer is to perform roofing and repairs to various types of roofs. This includes: roof inspection and determination of necessary repairs, installation of new roofs, repair of all types of roofing systems, ensure proper care in the use of maintenance and equipment and supplies, and performs all miscellaneous job duties as assigned.

When called, the roofer will come out to your home or building to inspect your roof. If damaged from a storm or other disaster, it is inspected to determine the level of damage and the possible repairs that need to take place. If the roof is just old and in need of repairs or replacement, the roofer will suggest what needs to be done, and make recommendations.

If you are looking to replace your current roof with a different type, the roofer will assess the situation and inform you as to what will need to happen. This is important, as different roofs require different work. For instance, if you currently have a slate roof, and wish to replaced it with a tile roof, work will need to be done on the frame because tile if heavier than slate.

Most of all, keep in mind that every situation is specific, and that your knowledge and skill are necessary when helping people make this important decision.

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